Graham Tree Service, San Leandro, Bay Area
Graham Tree Service, Tree Service, San Leandro, CA



TREE TRIMMING San Francisco, Oakland, San Ramon County
We offer a wide range of tree trimming services from large pines to pittusporum shrubbery.

CLIMBERS San Francisco, Oakland, San Ramon County
We provide skilled tree climbers capable of scaling up the tree on foot while using a pulley and rope system to safely cut limbs and branches away from trees that are near or above homes, power lines and other sensitive areas.

STUMP REMOVAL San Francisco, Oakland, San Ramon County
Sometimes it is necessary to remove the entire stump and root system of a tree. This is achieved by excavating the area with heavy machinery. For more information, see the Equipment Section of the website.

STUMP GRINDING San Francisco, Oakland, San Ramon County
If an area is inaccessible by heavy machinery, then another method is used to remove the stump and root system. Expert grinding services assure the safe removal of stumps and the root systems to access hard to reach areas of your yard without damaging the existing landscape or surface irrigation or utility lines.

Heavy-duty wood chippers are used to grind the tree trimmings into mulch for your garden or we can also haul the remains away if you prefer.


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